Video Review Failure Case Study

post2 Bad hitMajor video review failure happened at the Karate 1 Premiere League Paris Open 2016.

As the final match of Kumite (sparring) female -55 kg category between Spain’s Cristina Ferrer Garcia and Ukraine’s Anzhelika Terluyga finished 2:3 in Anzhelika’s favor, the Spanish coach requested the video review for the action in the last 2 seconds, as Spanish athlete didn’t get the point (yuko).  As screen shots clearly show, there was no point made by the Spanish competitor.  However, the referees decided to give her a point for a total miss-hit.  With the score of 3:3 now, Spanish athlete was awarded a win by the vote of the referees.

This failure is ever more embarrassing for the Karate community, because the tournament was attended by IOC representatives.

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