KikSense pitch to SAGE advisers

Today we pitched our startup to SAGE advisers. What is SAGE you ask? Well, it is not an herb this time, you don’t cook with this one. SAGE (Social and Advisory Group for Entrepreneurs) is a program that offers adviser services to an early stage entrepreneur.

We had a couple of weeks to prepare a 20-minute presentation about KikSense. Public speaking is not our strong suit. So, preparation was the key. We put together the right slides and talking points to go with them. We practiced and practiced and practiced. One of the most influential figures in the Korean martial arts, Hwang Kee, once said “Where there is preparation, there is no fear.” I am glad he was right. When I had to get up in front of 20+ people, all of the nervousness disappeared. The presentation went without a hitch.

Potential advisers and mentors were very professional and knowledgeable people. We would be lucky to work with any one of them.

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